About Sunil Kewalramani

Sunil Kewalramani is a highly accomplished professional with an impressive educational background and extensive experience in the finance industry. With an MBA from the prestigious Wharton Business School in the United States, Sunil has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of business and finance.

Professional Qualifications

In addition to his MBA, Sunil Kewalramani is also a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and a Chartered Accountant from India. These qualifications further enhance his understanding of accounting principles and practices, allowing him to provide valuable insights and guidance to his clients.

Sunil also holds master’s degrees in law and accounting, which provide him with a comprehensive understanding of legal and financial matters. This diverse educational background enables him to offer well-rounded solutions to complex financial challenges.

Role and Achievements

Currently, Sunil Kewalramani serves as the Chief Investment Officer and Chief Research Strategist of Global Money Investor, a prominent money management company. Under his leadership, the company has amassed an impressive portfolio of over $965 million under management.

As an advisor to leading multinational corporations, global mutual funds, insurance companies, and pension funds, Sunil Kewalramani plays a crucial role in guiding his clients towards successful investment strategies. His expertise and insights have consistently delivered exceptional results, earning him a reputation as a trusted and reliable financial advisor.

International Speaker and Educator

In addition to his role as a financial advisor, Sunil Kewalramani is also a highly sought-after international speaker and educator. He frequently conducts seminars and corporate workshops around the world, sharing his knowledge and expertise with a wide range of audiences.

Through his speaking engagements, Sunil Kewalramani provides valuable insights into various aspects of finance, investment strategies, and wealth management. His ability to simplify complex financial concepts and deliver them in an engaging manner has made him a popular choice among audiences worldwide.


Sunil Kewalramani’s impressive educational background, professional qualifications, and extensive experience in the finance industry make him a highly respected figure in the financial world. As the Chief Investment Officer and Chief Research Strategist of Global Money Investor, he continues to provide valuable guidance to his clients, helping them achieve their financial goals.

Furthermore, his role as an international speaker and educator allows him to share his expertise with a wider audience, making a positive impact on the financial literacy of individuals and organizations around the globe.

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