About Sunil Kewalramani

Sunil Kewalramani is a highly accomplished professional with an impressive educational background and extensive experience in the finance industry. With an MBA from the prestigious Wharton Business School in the United States, Sunil has honed his skills in business and finance to become a leading expert in his field.

Education and Credentials

In addition to his MBA, Sunil Kewalramani is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Chartered Accountant from India. His commitment to continuous learning is evident through his master’s degrees in law and accounting. This diverse educational background has equipped him with a well-rounded understanding of the various aspects of finance and business.

Professional Achievements

Sunil currently holds the positions of Chief Investment Officer and Chief Research Strategist at Global Money Investor, a highly reputable money management company. Under his guidance, the company manages an impressive portfolio of over $965 million. His expertise and insights are sought after by leading multinational corporations, global mutual funds, insurance companies, and pension funds.

Aside from his role at Global Money Investor, Sunil Kewalramani is also recognized as an accomplished international speaker. He frequently shares his knowledge and expertise through seminars and corporate workshops held around the world. His engaging speaking style and ability to simplify complex financial concepts make him a highly sought-after speaker in the finance industry.

Expertise and Influence

With his extensive experience and diverse educational background, Sunil Kewalramani has developed a deep understanding of the global financial landscape. His expertise spans various areas, including investment strategies, risk management, and market analysis.

Through his speaking engagements, Sunil has had a significant impact on professionals and organizations worldwide. His ability to break down complex financial concepts into easily understandable terms has empowered individuals and businesses to make informed financial decisions.


Sunil Kewalramani’s impressive educational background, professional achievements, and expertise in the finance industry make him a highly respected figure in the field. As the Chief Investment Officer and Chief Research Strategist at Global Money Investor, he continues to provide invaluable insights to leading organizations and individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of the financial world.

Through his speaking engagements and workshops, Sunil shares his knowledge and empowers others to make sound financial decisions. His contributions to the finance industry have made a lasting impact, and he remains a sought-after expert in the field.

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